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Pink Mini Power Massager

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Do you hear that? It's your muscles crying for help, and we have the perfect solution for you. With the 2Inspire Mini Power Massage Gun, get superior muscle relief from the comfort of your own home, the gym, and even on the road.  It's time to make this massage gun your favorite travel companion.
Designed to target every muscle in your body, get ready to eliminate any muscle soreness and stiffness you may have with our four durable massage heads. Feel what true relaxation is meant to be, feel the healing power of the 2Inspire Mini Power Massage Gun in four different colors.

    Massage Head Uses:

    • Standard Ball Head- Versatile and can be used for any muscle group, has an overall general use. 
    • Hammer Head- Used for the flat muscle groups (ex.back) for a deeper tissue massage.
    • Bullet Head- Used to release trigger points and to get a deeper massage in areas with knots (ex. calf) or tougher tissue (ex.heels).
    • Fork Head- Used for the spine, back, shoulders, Achilles, and shins to improve flexibility and loosen tissue.