Kettlebell Bootcamp

Kettlebell Bootcamp

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Kettlebell training offers a unique combination of benefits from strength exercises and cardio.

With this guide, you will discover everything you need to know about kettlebells - how to choose the right kettlebells, the common mistakes people make with this type of equipment, the benefits of working out with kettlebells, and kettlebell workout plans according to your fitness level.

Topics covered:

  • 10 reasons why you’ll want to ditch your traditional cardio + dumbbells for kettlebells
  • How kettlebells will give you real strength without bulking your appearance
  • Do this one simple test before you purchase kettlebells
  • What’s the ideal Kettlebell weight to begin with
  • 5 common kettlebells mistakes you should avoid to minimize injury… and discover how to FIX it
  • How to include the Kettlebells in your current workout routine
  • Master the mother of all Kettlebell exercises: The Kettlebell Swings
  • Kettlebell workout plan for beginners, intermediate and advanced level