What is one way to lose weight quickly and remove fat from those stubborn areas like your thighs, stomach and hips? 


Early morning fasted cardio. 


Essentially, fasted cardio is running or walking on an empty stomach, but there’s more to this form of cardio training than just working out while “hungry.” 


After a good night’s sleep, your body has been fasting for several hours and your insulin levels have lowered to a rate where food is no longer being stored and processed. Oxidation, the burning of fatty acids by cells, then occurs. 


Your body is now in the perfect metabolic state to burn stored fat and lose weight quickly. 


I tend to switch up my forms of fasted cardio but any method will do wonders during your weight loss journey: 

  • Shortened HIIT (high-intensity interval training) sessions 
  • Walking at a brisk pace for 45 to 60 minutes 
  • Running on the treadmill or outside 


This enhanced fat burning technique also helps you lose weight in those trouble areas such as the lower back for men and thighs for women. This is because these areas are typically the last to lose fat due to higher percentages of fat cell storage and areas that receive less blood flow. With fasted cardio you are increasing your blood flow to the abdominal region and your mobilization directly targets these problem areas. 


NOTE: Without a clean diet, all of your hard will be nixed. Fuel your body after your workouts with high protein foods and a well-balanced diet.