Macro-nutrients, such as carbohydrates, protein and water are the complex, calorie-rich foods you need in large amounts for your body to have enough energy to operate effectively. Micro-nutrients, on the other hand, are those vitamins and minerals you need in smaller amounts— but that you still must have in order to be healthy. 





There are two types of micro-nutrients— vitamins and minerals. While our bodies don’t get energy from these nutrients, like they get from macro-nutrients, our bodies do get functional benefits that help with general health, metabolism and hormone development. 





Many of the problems that come from micro-nutrient deficiencies are conditions covered extensively in old stories about sailors. They include illnesses such as scurvy, beriberi, rickets and pellagra. While today these diseases are mainly found in countries with malnutrition and food shortages, they are still discovered in people who simply choose the wrong foods to eat from day to day. 


As the name implies, it only takes a small amount of micro-nutrients to keep your body in optimal condition. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t easy to miss. If you aren’t eating enough fruits, vegetables, lean meats and dairy products, you could easily find yourself falling short on the micro-nutrients you need and feeling unhealthy as a result. Luckily for many, fortified foods such as breakfast cereals can bridge the gap. 





It can be challenging to make sure you’re eating a diet well rounded enough to give you all the micro-nutrients your body needs. Especially when you’re busy with work, family, friends and gym time. One workaround that health-conscious people are increasingly turning to is supplements. With supplements, you can get a targeted mix of micro-nutrients or a broad spectrum of the vitamins and minerals you need the most. 


By carefully watching what you eat, working with a doctor or nutritionist and adding in supplements, you can create a diet that gives you enough micro-nutrients to reduce your risk of illness and disease, keep your organs healthy and keep your body operating at peak efficiency.