As you delve into this weight-loss journey, you’ll discover certain aspects are effortless for you and that you find them more enjoyable. For example, you may find you have a knack for making great-tasting healthy food. Or maybe you sign up for Brazilian jujitsu and fall in love with it and want to go to class as much as possible. Or, perhaps you see your mental and emotional health thriving thanks to the new sleep schedule or fitness routine.

These standout activities, talents, and results are more than just happy coincidences. They are indications of personal strengths and motivators that you’ve uncovered— and they are the hidden trick to maximizing your results and making the weight loss journey that much easier. 

When you find your strength, you should focus more attention on that because leveraging these strengths and taking advantage of the ease with which you practice these habits allows you to slack in areas that are more difficult for you. And doing so likely won’t interrupt your weight loss.  

For example, if you’ve got your diet totally dialed in, and you enjoy eating healthy, you don’t have to kill yourself at the gym every day. On the other hand, if you become a gym monster who loves working out, you may not have to sacrifice as much with your diet. You should still eat healthily, but you can focus on burning fat at the gym. When you find the results of lifestyle changes such as exercise and sleeping better so positive, you can use that knowledge to motivate you on days you don’t want to work out or go to bed early.

Effective advanced weight loss is all about remaining consistent and developing the right habits. Rely on your strengths as you uncover them to take some pressure off and help you more easily adjust to the challenges in your journey. 

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