When you get started on keto, it’s often after trying--and failing--with many other diet plans. It’s understandable, then, if you’re feeling at the end of your rope and in a hurry to see results when you start this high fat, low carb diet. But fear not! We’ve got four easy ways for you to bust through your diet dissatisfaction and start seeing results FAST!

  • Cut the Carbs! The key to getting your body burning fat in ketosis is to cut your net carbs to less than 20 per day. The more you can cut them, the faster you’ll hit ketosis and start seeing results. When you cheat or go over in carbs, not only do you prevent your body from going into ketosis but you also give your body sugar to burn--which means it isn’t reaching into your stored fats and getting rid of those.
  • Consider a Fat Fast. This is a method for many users under medical supervision. It involves 2 to 4 days of a low-calorie (1000 calories), high fat (80 percent fat) diet. The goal is to put your body in a state called lipolysis, wherein it forces your body to release fatty acids and depreciate stored glycogen, accelerating fat and weight loss. This method works for many, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to do this for a short period of time and only with the blessing of your doctor.
  • Test your Ketones. Here’s the thing, keto is a science-based diet plan with a real impact on your physiology. It’s not enough to simply eat differently and expect results--although you may get them. For the science of this diet to truly work, you need to be in a state of ketosis and that means you have to monitor your internal reaction and make sure your body is doing what it should be. You can do this easily by using test strips to ensure you’re actually hitting ketosis. If not, you may need to change it up and talk to your doctor about why it’s not working.
  • Use Supplements. Supplements, like Keto Kickstart, often have fat-burning ingredients that give your body a little extra help in the early days and during a plateau.

Have you been doing the keto diet for a while? What are some of the ways you’d suggest kickstarting results or shaking someone out of a plateau?