On top of each of your kidneys, you have small glands that are responsible for producing hormones like as aldosterone, cortisol and testosterone. These hormones travel through your bloodstream to your assorted tissues and help them operate effectively. The hormones are responsible for such essential activities as regulating your blood pressure, regulating your stress response and metabolism and preventing inflammation. This makes your adrenal glands sound pretty important, right? That’s because they are.  


So what happens when they are over-stressed and unable to work to capacity?  

They become fatigued and your whole body suffers.  


The Impact of Adrenal Fatigue 

 Adrenal fatigue is a sneaky illness that results in physical symptoms that can be hard to diagnose. Many people spend years fighting the symptoms of constant tiredness and fatigue that’s not resolved by sleeping before they discover that their chronic fatigue is caused by adrenal problems—namely, adrenal fatigue. 


Resolving Adrenal Fatigue 

 In order to resolve adrenal fatigue, you have to think about what’s causing it. Many people don’t realize how harmful caffeine is and how its long-term use can lead to adrenal fatigue. Another culprit can be the use of thermogenics, a specialized product that many people use when trying to burn extra fat. If you use either of these and suffer the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, it’s important that you stop—at least for a time—to see if it alleviates your symptoms. 


Another important self-care step to take for curing adrenal fatigue is to minimize your daily stress. This might mean delegating tasks to others to reduce your workload, ending relationships that make you unhappy and staying away from personal activities that cause you anxiety—which could include video games, social media and even watching certain types of movies. 

There is no way to create a completely stress-free life, so the second step is to learn how to better manage the stress you have to maintain daily. You can do this by creating a safe space for yourself to decompress, taking short breaks throughout the day to listen to your favorite music or meditate, and finding an intense workout routine. 


The final step for correcting adrenal fatigue is to eat the right foods. Concentrate on foods and supplements that help support your adrenal glands. Cutting out caffeine and sugar are great first steps, as is increasing your daily water intake. Then, focus on eating high-nutrient foods such as bone broth soup, seaweed and brightly colored veggies. 

If you’re dedicated to eating right, exercising, minimizing stress and getting enough sleep, you can reverse your adrenal fatigue and help get your body working in optimal order much quicker than you think.